More information on Ballistic Beginnings (Boring Bible Series)
Andy Robb
Crammed full of cartoons, jokes, the young in heart of every age will learn more about the Bible from reading the "Boring Bible" books than any number of sermons or commentaries. Particularly suitable for ages 7-15.
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Mary Dennison
More information on Banks Of The Boyne, The
Crow, Donna F
More information on Banners for all Seasons: How to make Creative Banners for Holy Days...
Joyce Pike / Anne Robinson
Everything you need to know to create beautifully designed banners for your sanctuary. Includes 15 banners for many occasions, including: Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Weddings, Communion and Baptism. All banner designs include colour photographs, supply lists, step-by-step instructions and patte... (more)
More information on Baptism
Dyer, Larry
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H A Ironside
More information on Baptism And Church Membership
Hulse, Erroll
More information on Baptism And Fullness
John Stott