More information on Invincible Spirits: A Thousand Years of Women's Spiritual Writings
Felicity Leng
Evelyn Underhill has said that "every religion looks for, and most have possessed, some revealer of the Spirit." In "Invincible Spirits," Felicity Leng brings us profound and moving words from some of the brilliant women who have been the revealers of their times. Many silent and forgotten voices ... (more)
More information on A Monastic Vision for the Twenty-first Century: Where Do We Go from He
Patrick Hart
An ancient lifestyle which has been adapted, renewed, and is still being followed today, monasticism appears to some outside it as a quaint anachronism and to others as the sanest of all ways of living. Can it survive in the post post-modern world? A dozen insiders and outsiders-monastics, academics... (more)
More information on Francis Of Assisi - A Model for Human Liberation
Leonardo Boff
In this classic work, Brazilian theologian Leonardo Boff examines the relevance of St. Francis to contemporary spirituality and to the construction of a new church. Eschewing sentimental images of the Poverello, Boff's Francis embodies "the preferential option for the poor." As a "model of gentlenes... (more)
More information on Quiet Spaces: The City
Naomi Starkey
More information on The Monastic Way: Journey Through the Year
Hannah Ward / Jennifer Wild
The Monastic way is a book of inspirational daily readings drawn from the writings of those who have lived the monastic life in all the major spiritual traditions of the Eastern and Western Churches: Benedictine, Franciscan, Orthodox, Carmelite and others. For each month there is a specific them... (more)
More information on The Divine Embrace
Robert E Webber
Learn to live out true Christian spirituality in today's world In The Divine Embrace, part of his acclaimed Ancient-Future series, Robert Webber lays the foundation for understanding Christian spirituality by tracing it from the ancient church to the present, showing how biblical teaching has bee... (more)
More information on A Path of Hope
Brother R of Taize
This title brings together two short books that the founder of the Taize Community had completed just before his violent death in August 2005, with the unfinished letter to young people that he was preparing at the time. In the first part, with his characteristic mix of delicacy and force, Brother ... (more)
More information on Mission-Shaped Spirituality
Sue Hope
If your shelves are overloaded with books on how to do mission, create some space to engage with this book. No to-do lists. No win-win strategies. Instead this discerning book reflects on the inner resources and attitude of mind required to engage in mission in a post-modern, pluralist society. ... (more)