More information on God's Little Book of Hope
Richard Daly
A pocket-sized book filled with inspirational religious thoughts on the theme of hope. In a time when things seem rather despairing, and when the news of the day seems to be nothing more than bad news, people are living without any hope... and yet there is a ray of light. We can experience life a... (more)
More information on Urban Iona: Celtic Hospitality in the City
Kurt Neilson
"Urban Iona" is a modern Celtic tale of healing and vision during and after the author's pilgrimage to lona and Ireland. Upon his return, a dream takes flesh for his church as an urban Celtic monastery, a gathering of pilgrims open to the world and serving those most in need. This is a powerful acco... (more)
More information on The Jesus Way (Spiritual Theology Series)
Eugene Peterson
A way of sacrifice. A way of failure. A way on the margins. A way of holiness. All of these ways prepared the "way of the Lord" that became incarnate and complete in Jesus. But somewhere along the line, have we lost the way? In The Jesus Way Eugene Peterson continues the thought-provoking spiritu... (more)
More information on The Pilgrim Spirit
Andrea Skevington
More information on Dream Talk
Katrina Wilson
Many people do not take their dreams seriously. But what if dreams mean something? What if they are important? What if God is speaking to people while they sleep? In Dream Talk, Katrina Wilson explains that God speaks to us in the quiet of the night, when we are more open to His voice. While we ... (more)
More information on The Solace of Fierce Landscapes: Exploring Desert & Mountain...
Belden C Lane
In the tradition of Kathleen Norris, Terry Tempest Williams, and Thomas Merton, The Solace of Fierce Landscapes explores the impulse that has drawn seekers into the wilderness for centuries and offers eloquent testimony to the healing power of mountain silence and desert indifference. Interweavin... (more)
More information on Tools for Peace: The Spiritual Craft of St. Benedict and Rene Girard
Andrew Marr
A sixth-century abbot who wrote a practical rule for his community and a twentieth-century thinker who has roamed through literature, cultural anthropology, and religious thought-what would these two men have in common to generate a conversation between them? The religious study Tools for Peace: The... (more)
More information on God's Little Book of Love
Richard Daly
Love. The very word has inspired thousands of songs, poems, speeches, and stories. It is the basis upon which human relationships are born and develop, and is said to make the world go around. This small book of religious inspiration teaches that anyone can make a difference, even if it is with just... (more)
More information on Invincible Spirits: A Thousand Years of Women's Spiritual Writings
Felicity Leng
Evelyn Underhill has said that "every religion looks for, and most have possessed, some revealer of the Spirit." In "Invincible Spirits," Felicity Leng brings us profound and moving words from some of the brilliant women who have been the revealers of their times. Many silent and forgotten voices ... (more)