More information on Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture
Walt Mueller
Before we can reach today's youth with the turth of the gospel, we need to see what they see and hear what they hear. We need to catch the messages encrypted in their culture and understand what's really being communicated. In Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture Walt Mueller, founder and president... (more)
More information on Evangelical Dictionary of Theology 2nd Edition (Baker Reference)
Walter A Elwell
"A valuable contribution to the continuing life and faith of the Christian church, particularly its evangelical witness. . . . An excellent reference volume for the church library, the pastor's study, or the lay person's bookshelf."--Jeffrey Loach, Ashland Theological Journal Fifteen years after ... (more)
More information on Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (Baker Reference Library)
Walter A Elwell (ed)
Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology (EDBT) shows how a name, idea, or theme is developed through Scripture. It connects all Old Testament and New Testament content on more than 500 theological ideas. This cover-to-cover examination distinguishes biblical theology from systematic theology, wh... (more)
More information on Encountering the New Testament
Walter A Elwell / Robert W Yarbrough
"This volume is a production masterpiece. . . . [It] has so many strengths that it may well become the standard for the next generation of teaching college and university freshmen."--Craig Blomberg, Themelios This highly readable, four-color, beautifully-illustrated survey is designed to make stu... (more)
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Walter A. Elwell & Robert W. Yarbough
This highly readable survey is designed to make studying the New Testament less daunting and more rewarding.
More information on Praying the Psalms: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit
Walter Brueggemann
In this thoroughly revised edition of a classic in spirituality, Walter Brueggemann guides the reader into a thoughtful and moving encounter with the Psalms. This new edition includes a revised text, new notes, and new bibliography. "The movement and meeting of God with us is indeed a speech-even... (more)
More information on Commentary On Jeremiah : Exile And Homecoming
Walter Brueggemann
In this widely praised expository commentary Walter Brueggemann, one of the premier Old Testament scholars of our time, explores the historical setting and message of Jeremiah as well as the text’s relevance for the church today.
More information on Hope Within History
Walter Brueggemann
More information on Message of the Psalms : A Theological Commentary
Walter Brueggemann
Brueggemann groups the Psalms together under three general themes: poems of orientation, disorientation and new orientation. He is not thereby wanting to rigidly classify the Psalms, but is seeking to show that such a grouping corresponds to the actual flow of human life. A nice feature of the book ... (more)
More information on Testimony to Otherwise: The Witness of Elijah and Elisha
Walter Brueggemann
Considering narratives canonically, Brueggemann shows how the memories of Elijah and Elisha took on a quality and authority of lasting testimony. They exhibit a world profoundly open to the gifts, energies and visions given by God.