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Karen O'Conner
Sequel to the best-seller Help, Lord! I'm Having a Senior Moment, with more than 100,000 sold - Karen O'Connor is a popular speaker nationwide for bringing humor to the sometimes distressing topic of aging - New stories on growing older, giving readers comfort, sympathy, companionship and plenty o... (more)
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Karen O'Connor
Getting older is portrayed in the media as something to dread! We use Botox, color our hair, dress younger, go on special diets…anything we can do to put off the inevitable. But rather than fearing aging, it's time to embrace it, says popular speaker Karen O'Connor. We can handle the aging process a... (more)
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Karen O'Donnell
The challenges of divorce can be overwhelming. Remembering that we can turn to our loving God for comfort, inspiration and companionship can help. With dozens of prayers that deal with all the emotions of divorce -- the anger and frustration, the challenges of children and new financial decisions, s... (more)
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Karen Sawrey
Ancient scriptures from the most popular book of all time, revolutionised to reveal its themes and narratives for a modern generation. Billions of people across the world find solace, meaning and wisdom from reading the Bible. But for some, it can be a difficult book to engage with and understand. I... (more)
£25.00  £22.50
More information on 7 Reasons to Be Grateful You're the Mother of a Toddler
Karen Sjoblom
This charming and genuine book encourages moms who may feel they are living the same day over and over. With disarming joy and lightness, this book lifts spirits and encourages moms to be thankful for their journey, embracing the perfect imperfection of life with a toddler.
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Karen Whiting
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Karen Whiting
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Karen Williamson / Amanda Enright
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Karen Williamson / Simon Mendez
More information on My First Bible Stories
Karen Williamson, Marie Allen
My First Bible Stories is an ideal introduction to the Bible for the very young. Marie Allen's charming illustrative style creates a warmth throughout the book as children have a continuous introduction to the Bible.