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Sabotaged By Shame, Now Saved From Shame. Has shame maimed you? Have you been crippled by embarrassment? Or, have you merely had to battle being ashamed and to fight the opinion of others? Shame has been found to be a root spirit that affects individuals from earliest childhood. It has also been fou... (more)
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Banks, Bill
One of the most important books on healing and the healing ministry to reach the Church. From 30 years of ministering in hospitals, churches, and homes, Bill Banks explains why some people are not healed, and what they can do about it! Has Jesus changed His mind, or are there blocks to healing as a ... (more)
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Robert Bank's widely read Paul's Idea of Community: The Early House Churches in their Cultural Setting is once again available to laypeole, pastors and scholars alike. In this extensively revised edition Banks has rewritten chapters for clarity, taken into account recent scholarship on Paul's writin... (more)
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Banner, Horace
The Amazon Rain Forest .... This is the oldest and largest rain forest in the world and one of the longest rivers on the planet cuts through its heart. It covers a huge area of South America and has an extremely varied plant and animal habitat. When you read this book you will be part of an expe... (more)
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Banner, Horace
The Amazon Rain Forest. This is the oldest and largest forest in the world. It covers a huge area of South America and has the most varied plant and animal habitat on the planet. When you read this book you will be part of an expedition and adventure into the heart of the rain forest. Read about... (more)
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Baptist Union of GB
New Edition Coming shortly hopefully by end of May 2019. Although not a denomination with a liturgical tradition, the Baptist Church does have a considerable number of service for which some set form of words is needed - holy communion, weddings and funerals, obviously, but also thanksgiving and de... (more)
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Bara van Belt / Anja A de Fluiter
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Barabara Calamari / Sandra DiPasqua
Holy cards offer comfort, consolation, and encouragement to Catholics, who often carry these portable images of their favorite saints with them and use them in daily religious ritual. Given as remembrances at wakes and funerals, communions and confirmations, holy cards are also a widely popular-and ... (more)
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Barack Obama
The son of a black African father and a white American mother, Obama was only two years old when his father walked out on the family. Many years later, Obama receives a phone call from Nairobi: his father is dead. This sudden news inspires an emotional odyssey for Obama, determined to learn the trut... (more)