More information on Saint Nicholas
Mary Joslin
More information on Silent Night
Vicki Howie
More information on Silent Night
More information on Simeon and Anna See Jesus (Born to be King Series)
Catherine Mackenzie
If there is a game that children like to play even more than hide-and-seek - it has to be 'Peek-a-boo'. A little boy or girl will sit for ages as your face disappears behind your hands only to pop out again moments later. Seeing is often described as believing. Simeon and Anna saw Jesus and they bel... (more)
More information on Sleepy Jesus Board Book
Penny Kidd / Susie Poole
More information on Sleepy Jesus: Board Book
Pennie Kidd / Susie Poole
More information on Sparkling Stories: Christmas Tales to Read Aloud!
Brian Ogden / Marjory Francis / Rob Harrison
A varied selection of Christmas stories that simply sparkle with festive fun! Something for everyone! Short snappy tales to fill a few minutes and longer stories that will give the children something to think about. There's a tale of carol singing that goes wrong, what's it like to have your birthda... (more)
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Cynthia Hinkle
More information on Step-by-step Christmas Crib
Leena Lane / Gillian Chapman
Make Christmas a special occasion for young children with this delightful book. Each spread tells a part of the story of the first Christmas in rhyming couplets. This is accompanied by a list of things you will need and very simple step-by-step instructions to make each of the characters in the stor... (more)