HeartShaper® Children’s Curriculum is designed to help children in your Sunday school or activity club discover God through His Word. Each session will take your group through the Bible and its key themes, encouraging a life-long love of Scripture and helping children to see how God can shape their ... (more)
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More information on Love Church
Tim Matthews
This book tells the story of the process of moving to Bournemouth to set up a new church from scratch, on the back of numerous similar failed attempts in London, and the bumpy and scary journey to success St Swithun's has travelled since. Tim demonstrates, through his story, how he has pushed throug... (more)
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More information on Crazy Christians A Radical Way Of Life
Michael B Curry
his message from the Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina is based on his 2012 General Convention homily and video that went viral on the web, and includes the acclaimed 2012 General Convention address. Recently preached at the Royal Wedding 2018
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Phil Wickham
Living Hope finds Phil assembling his strongest and most diverse music to date. This is unarguably the most singable collection of his career, and enlists the help of today's strongest songwriters and producers. This set of musical communal collaboration has produced the hymn book for our generat... (more)
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More information on You Restore My Soul New Wine Worship LIVE
Integrity Music are thrilled to announce the latest live worship album from New Wine Worship. Set to release this Summer, it was recorded around the country and features worship leaders Nick Herbert, Lauren Harris and more. It will include the big songs Stir A Passion, Reckless Love, Nothing But... (more)
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More information on The Bible For Everyone
Tom Wright & John Goldinghay
Just as no one person should be excluded from faith, so should the Bible also be wide enough to reach every kind of individual there is. The Bible for Everyone is a translation with that very mission. Reliably translated by Tom Wright and John Goldingay, it reads smoothly and is presented in sm... (more)
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More information on Love The World
David Adam
Writing from lived experience as much as knowledge, David Adam conveys a delight in the mystery of being that is deeply attractive. Love the World opens by looking at the beginning of the universe, then moves on to the earth’s atmosphe ere, the miracle of water and things that we often take for gra... (more)
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More information on Honesty Over Silence - It's Ok Not To Be Ok
Patrick Regan
Honesty Over Silence seeks to open up conversations around topics that many find difficult such as trusting in God through life’s ups and downs, dealing with anxiety and depression, the challenges of parenting a child with special needs, living in community, learning to look after ourselves, develop... (more)
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More information on Only The Brave - Live Worship From Spring Harvest 2018 CD
Various Artists
This year’s Spring Harvest theme was ‘Only The Brave’ and the live worship captured from this event is a bold declaration of love and devotion to Christ and the Gospel. Spring Harvest’s Live Worship CD’s are recognised as being a wonderfully inspiring audio window into the depth and diversity of d... (more)
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More information on Niv Bible For Journalling and verse- Mapping Hardback Kintsugi
This NIV Bible for Journalliing and Verse-Mapping, with a cover inspired by the Japanese ceramic art form, kintsugi , is a beautifully presented Bible for you to treasure. The New International Version of the Scriptures is printed in clear, easy-to-read 9PT British Text on thicker than usual Bible ... (more)
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