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Helen Franklin
More information on The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - VeggieTales (DVD)
Sail Ho, Me Hearties! Ye be findin' plenty of heroism and adventure on the high seas with The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything A VeggieTales Movie. Buccaneers and landlubbers alike will be bountifully entertained by the comic misadventures of a bored gourd, a sour grape, and a cucumber who wants... (more)
More information on Answer That!: Adventures in Odyssey Family DVD Trivia Game (DVD)
This interactive DVD game lets families relive the memorable characters, stories and lessons from the last 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey. After listening to or watching favorite scenes on the DVD, players answer trivia questions and race around the game board to see who will be first to climb th... (more)
More information on Ribbits! Set (3DVD)
Captivate your children with the complete Ribbits! DVD series. They'll learn crucial lessons about forgiving their enemies, treasuring their friends and discerning fact from fiction. The series includes Hero of Hopper's Landing (Ribbits #1), Froggy Words (Ribbits #2) and The Great Follywood Fi... (more)