More information on The Action Bible
Sergio Cariello
Here’s the most complete picture Bible ever! And it features a captivating, up-to-date artwork style—making it the perfect Bible for today’s visually focused culture. The Action Bible presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flo... (more)
More information on The CWR Devotional Bible
Helps you to get more out of the Bible. This work offers four daily devotionals for adults.
More information on NIV, KJV, NASB Updated, Amplified - Comparative Study Bible, Hardback
When you don't want to lose anything in the translation, the Comparitive Study Bible is a tool that lets you explore all the rich nuances and shades of meaning in the Bible text without having to learn the original biblical languages. It sets four popular translations side-by-side for you to compar... (more)
More information on Wonderful Acts
Michael Blackmore
Rev. Dr John Stott Rector Emeritus of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London Chaplain to HM The Queen, "I do think your 'Scripture in rhyming verse' is ingenious." Rev. Stephen Bailey International Gospel Outreach "Splendid! With remarkable skill we see 'the hearts of the Apostles for the hearts of... (more)
More information on The Voice of Mark: Let Them Listen
Greg Garrett / Matthew Turner
The Voice is the product of the best minds in this emerging generation of Christian leaders. Together they are helping young people fall in love with the Scriptures. Instead of confining God's Word in the framework of biblical criticism, The Voice highlights the beauty of God's communication to H... (more)
More information on The Voice of Hebrews: The Mystery of Melchizedek
Greg Garrett / David Capes
This retelling of the Book of Hebrews is designed to help postmodern readers understand how Jesus completes the law and prophets. Capes has written a compelling comparison of the unusual characters from Genesis, Melchizedek, and the Liberator found in the New Testament, Jesus. His story is followed ... (more)
More information on The Fisherman's Testament
Cesar Vidal
Winner of the Martinez-Roca Spirituality Prize. It is the year AD 62. The notorious Roman emperor Nero orders Marco Junio Vitalis, a seasoned military general, to assist him in a most peculiar legal proceeding. Vitalis interrogates an elderly Jewish fisherman called Peter, who many years earlier ha... (more)
More information on Geneva Bible: The Bible of the Protestant Reformation
The Geneva Bible accompanied English settlers voyaging to the New World. It is probable that the Geneva Bible came to America in 1607 and was used in the Jamestown colony. It stands as a landmark in the history of English Bible translation. Perhaps its greatest contribution was its commentary, which... (more)
More information on The Message / NKJV Message Parallel Bible
Shows the best of the traditional contemporary translations.
More information on The CTS New Catholic Bible, Hardback
The regular edition for all purposes; an attractive and urable volume that will suit scripture study and private reading. Notes and introductions by Dom Henry Wansbrough OSB, eminent biblical scholar and member of the Pontifical Biblical Commission Liturgical introductions by Dom James Leachman ... (more)