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Nigel G Wright
This challenging book sets out what is involved in being a Christian minister – its joys and difficulties, its responsibilities and privilege. It discusses the call to and the work of ministry; the breadth and nature of the task.
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Josh McDowell
God's Word tells us we must "always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Peter 3:15). This updated classic from Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell will give you the tools you need to do just that. The modern apologetics classic that... (more)
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Tim Chester
Of course the Bible matters. It is God's word to us. It shows is how to please him. But how can we access its message. The author creates a sense of expectation so that reading the Bible becomes a Spirit-filled experience as we listen to the God of the universe speaking - amazingly - to us, to me, e... (more)
More information on Lost Sermons Of  C H Spurgeon Vol 1 Hardback
In 1857, Charles Spurgeon—the most popular preacher in the Victorian world—promised his readers that he would publish his earliest sermons. For almost 160 years, these sermons have been lost to history. Beginning in January 2017, B&H Academic will start releasing a multi-volume set that includes ful... (more)
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More information on Lost Sermons of C H Spurgeon Vol 1 Collector's Edition
In 1857, Charles Spurgeon the most popular preacher in the Victorian world promised his readers that he would publish his earliest sermons. For almost 160 years, these sermons were lost to history. Beginning with this inaugural volume, these rediscovered sermons can finally be read, studied, and enj... (more)
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More information on Scm Studyguide Preaching
Peter Stevenson
Peter Stevenson has spread a banquet before us: the table is groaning with rich food to nourish the novice preacher and sustain the seasoned practitioner. He offers us meaty questions and tasty tips, served up with multiple side servings of practical examples. This book is a veritable feast for all ... (more)
More information on Wrestling With the Word preaching tricky texts
Many biblical texts seem almost impossible to preach, either because their horizons seem so distant to us, or because the material is violent, ethically challenging, or simply too uncomfortable to engage with. Often preachers are tempted to look for easier passages on offer, meaning the thorny ones ... (more)
More information on Letters From Heaven By The Apostle Paul
Some of the most beautiful and glorious truths of the Bible are found in the letters of the Apostle Paul. Paul's letters are now available in The Passion Translation: Ephesians lays an exciting foundation for Christian life, and Philippians is sure to fill your heart with blessings! Colossians bring... (more)
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Glen G.Scorgie
ZONDERVAN, United States, 2011. Hardback. Book Condition: New. 234 x 190 mm. Language: English . Brand New Book. In recent decades Christian spirituality, spiritual formation and spiritual theology have become important concepts in the global evangelical community.
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