More information on Generous Justice
Timothy Keller
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More information on Confessions of a Reluctant Capitalist
Giles Fraser
With his customary robustness, Giles Fraser recounts a dramatic conversion experience that took place in a Notting Hill street cafe and reflects on its life-changing implications. A paid up, left-leaning socialist, his earlier conversion to Christianity had only strengthened his belief that wealth c... (more)
More information on Good and Bad Religion
Peter Vardy
Religion is a central aspect of culture, as is the critical evaluation of different types of religion. Since 9/11 religion and different manifestations of it have been far more in the public eye in western societies than they had been since the Enlightenment. Yet, not all forms of religion are neces... (more)
More information on Nowhere to Lay Our Head
Wilf Wilde
Wilf Wilde considers the importance of Finance and Empire via the Australian experience before looking at New Labour in Britain and the Scottish path to capitalism. "Nowhere to Lay Our Head" develops and proposes an anarchist socialist alternative to global capitalism, whilst nonetheless recognising... (more)
More information on Written in Stone: The Ten commandments and Today's Moral Crisis
Philip Graham Ryken
The Ten Commandments are an expression of God's eternal character and have binding force today. Here Philip Ryken offers basic principles for interpreting and applying them-explaining them one by one, illustrating each with a biblical account, and relating each to the person and redemptive work of J... (more)
More information on Chaos or Control?
Timothy Bradshaw
Western society is in the process of undergoing profound changes in moral ethos and in the structure of relationships as more and more areas of life are commodified. The Church is now having to grapple with the challenges to its authority-patterns posed by contemporary individualism, reductionism, c... (more)