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Tim Chester
Delight in the beauty of Christ afresh this Easter Some of the richest prophecies about the cross of Christ can be found in Isaiah chapters 52 and 53 (the last of the 'Servant Songs'). Take time to go through these familiar yet extraordinary chapters in the run up to Easter with this Lent devotional... (more)
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ND Ekewegh
How does Peter go from below-average disciple to accomplished leader of the church, and what is the key to his transformation? It all began from the day he met Jesus, from that moment, his life, and the world as he knew it, was never going to be the same. As we explore Peter’s walk with Jesus during... (more)
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John Lennox
Christians are under increasing pressure to be silent. We’re led to believe that, at best, our beliefs are outdated, and at worst they are dangerous. Silenced by fear, it’s all too easy to keep quiet. But our Christian faith was never meant to be private. Jesus’ followers are instructed to be delibe... (more)
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Steve Turner
The story behind the most popular songs since the 1960s that were inspired by, or taken directly from the Bible. From The Birds’ “Turn! Turn! Turn!” to Marvin Gaye’s “Wholy Holy,” some of the best loved and least likely songs reflect the Bible. Looking at the songs in the context of the time it was ... (more)
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Joni Eareckson Tada
For the past twenty-five years, Heaven has inspired us to live well on earth even as we long for eternity. Drawing on Scripture, Joni Eareckson Tada answers the deepest questions of our hearts about what heaven will be like, who we will see there, and who we will be there. This updated and expan... (more)
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Tim Keller
ost people, even those who are nonreligious, are familiar with the book of Jonah: a rebellious prophet defies God and is swallowed by a whale. Less familiar to most people is the second half of this Biblical story--what happens after Jonah is released from the belly of the fish. Yet it is in this se... (more)
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Joyce Meyer
Internationally renowned Bible teacher Joyce Meyer draws on her own history of abuse to show women how Christ's redeeming love heals emotional wounds and brings joy to life. Can a woman who has been deeply hurt by life's circumstances be healed, heart and soul? If she has been wounded by a man she... (more)
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Max Lucado
Is what you’re anchored to stronger than what you’re going through? The answer to that question changes everything. In Unshakable Hope, pastor and New York Times bestselling author Max Lucado offers encouraging, practical guidance for overcoming difficult circumstances and gaining inner peace, b... (more)
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John Ortberg
Something in us is waiting - for what, we don't know. Something different? Something better? For Christians, perhaps the deepest expression of what we're waiting for is found in the phrase 'eternal life'. But what is eternal life? Why do we want it? And how do we know if we have it? In Eternity Is ... (more)
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Francis Chan
Letters to the Church reminds readers how powerful the Church can be and calls this generation to passionately pursue God’s vision for His beloved Bride. God’s Church started as a radical, spiritually intimate gathering of believers that ultimately changed history. Yet millions today are content t... (more)