More information on Reflections for Lent 2012
Martin Percy / Angela Tilby / Jane Williams
More information on Exploring God's Mercy: Five Images of Salvation
Steven Croft
The great mystery of the human condition and God's action to save us is too vast to be contained in a single image or one kind of language. The Bible uses a kaleidoscope of word pictures of human life and God's intervention in it. Exploring God's Mercy is a short study guide that focuses on five cla... (more)
More information on Reflections for Lent: 9 March - 23 April 2011
The news that the Reflections series was to cease publication prompted an unprecedented outpouring of support from readers and retailers alike. This seasonal extract from the first new annual edition is designed to give new readers a taster of the high standard of spiritual and theological writing t... (more)
More information on The Christ of the Empty Tomb
J. Montgomery Boice
You have to hunt for the message of Easter. After all, this is not the joyous welcoming of a baby with the giving of gifts; this is the brutal death of a young man, stripped of any gifts and dignity. Yet, Jews had prayed for him, hoped for him, looked for him and lived for him for generations. But n... (more)
More information on The Longest Week: The Truth about Jesus' Last Days
Nick Page
What really happened during Jesus' final days? It was, historically speaking, nothing much; a death in Jerusalem, a routine execution at the edge of an empire. Yet that execution - and the events surrounding it - were to have a profound effect on the history of the world. The last week of Jesus' lif... (more)