More information on Future Tense: A Vision for Jews and Judaism in the Global Culture
Jonathan Sacks
Historically, Jews have thought of themselves in terms of the biblical phrase, 'The people that dwells alone.' In the current global environment, this is dangerous. It leads to the isolation of Jews, Judaism and Israel. Too much contemporary Jewish writing is self-referential: Jews talking to Jew... (more)
More information on Why Pray for Israel?
Ken Burnett
Out of a lifetime's experience of inspiring and leading people to pray for Israel, the author illustrates the hope we should all have in God's covenant with Israel. Yet Israel is a conundrum, not only for world politicians and leaders, but also for the Church. Whatever political position one may tak... (more)
More information on Travel Through Israel
Paul Williams / Clive Anderson
For many, the dream of visiting Israel becomes a reality but for others it remains a dream. Travel Through Israel is designed to benefit both the traveller and the dreamer. Combining helpful information with illuminating photographs, it turns mere names and locations into living people and places; a... (more)
More information on Faith Beyond Despair: Building Hope in the Holy Land
Elias Chacour / Alain Michel
Based upon conversations recorded by a French journalist, this book mixes autobiographical reflections with a critique of the contemporary state of the Middle East. It tells the stories of many individuals working for peace and of his own work, especially with children and students of the school and... (more)
More information on The Social History of Ancient Israel: An Introduction
Rainer Kessler
An accessible social history of ancient Israel, designed for Old Testament courses • Includes a timeline and glossary of term.
More information on Daughters of Miriam: Women Prophets in Ancient Israel
Wilda C. Gafney
There are untold numbers of female prophets hiding in the masculine grammar and androcentric focus of the Hebrew scriptures. There are women-prophets in the communities around biblical Israel, existing for hundreds of years and even a thousand years before the Israelite and Judean prophets recorded ... (more)
More information on Covenantal Conversations: Christians in Dialogue with Jews and Judaism
Darrell Jodock
This useful volume, edited by noted expert Darrell Jodock and including leading thinkers both Christian and Jewish, explores the shared theological framework, special historical relationship, and post-Holocaust developments and current trouble spots that situate the relationship today. Covenantal Co... (more)
More information on Rewriting Scripture in Second Temple Times
S. White Crawford
The biblical manuscripts found at Qumran, contends Sidnie White Crawford, reflect a spectrum of text movement from authoritative scriptural traditions to completely new compositions. Treating six major groups of texts, she shows how differences in the texts result from a particular understanding of ... (more)
More information on The Promise
Jean-Marie Lustiger
Because of their faith in the crucified Messiah, the Christian nations are indebted to Israel. Yet they have largely marginalized and even rejected God's chosen people. In this volume Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger reflects on a number of subjects and concerns common to both Christians and Jews, the T... (more)