More information on Words of Life May - August 2012
Salvation Army
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Kate Hughes
More information on A Year with Aslan
C.S. Lewis
More information on The 365 Day Fun Bible Fact Book
Every day for an entire year, The 365-Day Fun Bible Fact Book gives you a concise, easy-to-read entry on the strange, wonderful, and intriguing aspects of scripture. Covering the miraculous, the odd, the important-but-little-known, and the truly bizarre, this book is a useful and fun tool for enhanc... (more)
More information on Pens - Friends: Daily Devotions for Young Children
This is one of 3 books in a new and exciting resource for 3- to 6-year-olds created to draw young children closer to God every day through Bible readings, stories and prayers. Beautifully illustrated, the Pens characters bring the Bible to life, as parents and children alike grow to know and love Sq... (more)