More information on What the Bible Says about Divorce
What does the Bible say about divorce? This brand-new book provides a concise, easy-to-read resource on the biblical teachings on divorce. Featuring 12 sections, each addressing a common question relating to the overall topic. Personal stories, categorized scriptures, and practical advice make the "... (more)
More information on When the Vow Breaks
Joseph W. Kniskem
An official resource of the DivorceCare ministry, this new edition of When the Vow Breaks speaks to the top five needs of Christians facing divorce: kids, finances, anger, depression, and loneliness.
More information on When
Laura Petherbrigde
Laura Petherbridge offers real-life help, spiritual insights, and new hope for anyone going through a separation or divorce.
More information on Growing Through Divorce
Jim Smoke
Forced to accept drastic changes, make lifestyle-altering decisions, and develop new coping skills, many people going through divorce are left with little hope for the future and even less energy for daily living. Drawing on insights garnered through years of helping people survive divorce, Jim Smok... (more)
More information on Finding the Right One After Divorce
Edward M Tauber / Jim Smoke
There are 23 million divorced people in the United States today. More than 80 percent of these people will remarry, and many of those marriages will fail. Divorce recovery experts Edward Tauber and Jim Smoke draw on their 30 years of experience as divorce counselors and a survey of more than 600 ind... (more)
More information on Live, Laugh, Love Again
Michelle Borquez / Connie Wetzell / Rosalind Spinks-Seay / Carla Sue Nelson
At long last, a "Girlfriend's Guide" for the divorced set--written by four women who have experienced it all and have good news about getting through it.
More information on Divorce and Remarriage in the Church
David Instone-Brewer
Biblical Solutions and Pastoral Realities. Gives clear guidance about biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage which are both practical and fair in today's imperfect world. May a Christian get divorced and remarried? Jesus seems to forbid divorce, even for violent abuse, and seems to forbid re... (more)
More information on What Children Need To Know When Parents Get Divorced
Coleman, W.L.
Completely revised and updated, this Coleman classic on a sensitive subject is designed to be read with elementary age children facing the agonizing trauma of divorce. The author provides an honest, understandable, and sympathetic way to help children ages 6 to 12 deal with their questions and feeli... (more)
More information on Helping Children Survive Divorce
Archibald D Hart
This book will help you build a healthier post divorce life for your children so that they can be counted among those who not only survived divorce but became the better for it. I certainly count myself in this fortunate group. Find specific ways to help including: minimizing damage to your child, c... (more)