More information on A-Z Of Discipleship
Matthew Porter
An accessible introduction to the Christian faith which helps readers to grow in their relationship with God, help them connect with church and live as followers of Christ in contemporary culture. The A-Z of Discipleship is an accessible look through 26 aspects of discipleship that will help believe... (more)
More information on Multiply: Disciple Making Disciples
Francis Chan
One plus one plus one. Every copy of Multiply is designed to do what Jesus did: make disciples who make disciples who make disciples... until the world knows the truth of Jesus Christ.
More information on Freedom in Christ Course Revised: Workbook
Neil T Anderson / Steve Goss
More information on Freedom In Christ Course Revised: Participants Workbook (PK 5)
Neil T Anderson / Steve Goss
Revised and updated - now a 10-week discipleship course. Special Pack of 5 discount for the Freedom In Christ Course Participant's Guide. Every participant will find this 224 page book a hugely helpful comppanion to the Freedom In Christ Course. Packed full of notes from the teaching, the Pau... (more)
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More information on Steps to Freedom in Christ Revised: Workbook
Neil T Anderson / Steve Goss
At the heart of the Alpha course is the 'Holy Spirit' weekend. The 'Steps' weekend is the equivalent in the Freedom in Christ course. The seven Steps, usually undertaken in the company of a leader or Christian friend, are designed to go deep into the soul and to get rid of the spiritual baggage that... (more)
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Neil T Anderson / Steve Goss
More information on Dysciples
Krish Kandiah
The book examines the issue of dyscipleship as its revealed in Matthews gospel Krish has coined the term dysciples to describe those of us who feel dysfunctional in our following of Jesus. The good news is that dysfunctional discipleship is nothing new and nothing to be ashamed of. The very fi... (more)
More information on 1-2-1 Discipleship: How to fulfil Jesus' last commandment
Christine Dillon
"Lack of depth and maturity in the worldwide church is a major problem. Very few Christians really know their Bibles well and can apply the Word to their daily lives. Few really live as “salt and light” in a dark world. Most make little impact for the Kingdom or know how to share their faith simply ... (more)
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Barry Cooper
Discipleship Explored is for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives. DE is perfect for people who have been through Christianity Explored and have recently decided to follow Christ. The course lasts eight weeks, with each session lasting about two hours and comprising of a ... (more)