Catherine Campbell
Catherine Campbell invites you to journey with her through the year as she shares 365 Bible meditations that have touched her heart and changed her life. Using an eclectic mix of readings, character cameos and anecdotes, Catherine takes us acr ross new terrain every day. As with life, some paths wil... (more)
Peter Horribin
There are times in all our lives when we need encouragement. Encouragement enables us to look up instead of down and gives us the determination to keep going whatever our circumstances. God is a great encourager, as David discovered throughout his years of seeking to walk in Godís ways. These devoti... (more)
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Tim Keller
New York pastor Timothy Keller is known for his ability to connect a deep understanding of the Bible with contemporary thought and the practical issues we all face in our lives. My Rock; My Refuge - his first devotional, consisting of all new material - offers inspiration for every day of the year, ... (more)
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Sally Burke & Cyndie De Neve
Feeling Inadequate? Be Empowered! Living a meaningful life for Christ amid daily challenges can seem overwhelming. We often donít feel up to the task of carrying out Godís mission with strength and courage in our jobs, activities, and families. Let this 40-day devotional help empower you through pra... (more)
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Adam Mabry
Feel over-busy, or always tired? This book shows how you can rest in a way that is spiritual and helpful You'll learn to change your life in favour of what is really important to you For some of us, resting seems like a waste of timeóit means we're missing out on other things. For others, rest se... (more)
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Elizabeth Geotge
Yield Your Heart to the One Who Will Help You Flourish Do you long to nurture a meaningful prayer life? For all the ordinary and extraordinary situations you face each day comes a collection of 100 prayers from bestselling author Elizabeth George. Short devotions follow each prayer to help you navig... (more)
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C S Lewis
C. S. Lewis' Little Book of Wisdom offers more than 300 bite-size nuggets of inspiration and wisdom from the much-loved author, philosopher, and Christian theologist.Novelist, poet, critic, scholar, Christian theologist, and best-selling author of the Narnia series, C.S. Lewis was a deep thinker an... (more)
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Jonnie Moore
Do you have a heart for persecuted Churches? The devotional will help you pray specific prayers for Churches the world over You'll be able to grow in compassion and action for Chirst Today we are witnessing one of the most severe and unrelenting attempts at Christian persecution in church history... (more)
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Jennifer Rees Larcombe
The Third in A collection of reflections and prayers that celebrate the ""God moments"" that populate every day. This small and beautiful book will allow even the busiest of people to find respite
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Henri Nouwen
'We are the Beloved. We are intimately loved long before our parents, teachers, spouses, children and friends loved or wounded us. That's the truth of our lives. That's the truth I want you to claim for yourself. That's the truth spoken by the voice that says, 'You are my Beloved.'' - Henri Nouwen, ... (more)
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