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Mary Weeks Millard
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Thirteen guys on a three-year long adventure. Partying, facing storms and run-ins with the law. Cracking jokes, goofing around and making idiots of themselves. This title features their stories, which are the stories you can find in the Bible if you look.
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Alexa Tewkesbury
Part of the Topz Secret Diaries series. Dave's world is falling apart around him. His friendship with Benny has hit an all-time low, and now Dave's family is moving to Devon. Normally the sensible one in the Gang, who helps the others sort out their problems, it's now Dave who needs help. ... (more)
More information on Gruff & Saucy's Topzy-Turvy Tales (Topz Special Diaries)
Alexa Tewkesbury
Ever wondered what cats get up to late at night when you’re in bed and they’re out on the prowl? And ever wondered what dogs dream about when they’re sleeping? Well, wonder no longer! Gruff the Dog and Saucy the Cat (our furry friends from the Topz Gang), fill you in on the goings-on in their world.... (more)
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The second book in the exciting Oracles of Fire series, inspiring the reader to pursue faith, courage and love, and to discover their own unique strengths, no matter how difficult the circumstances.
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Cliff Rennie
Doug Mackay has been spotted by the manager of Dalkirk Albion - and not without reason - as his first class performance in the match against Dalriadia shows. It's not long before talk about the European championships arises and Doug is on the team! Word soon gets out that their first match is sc... (more)
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Cliff Rennie
Doug is put on the substitutes bench in a Scotland V. England match at Wembley. The England manager brings on a new pair of lungs, Bill Cheyne, the Scotland manager looks for some fresh energy. His eyes fall on the young Dalkirk Albion star, Doug Mackay, who he decides to send on to add some extra s... (more)
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Kathy Lee
Emily Smith's family has broken up and her mum has taken her and her brother to the village of Brilby to stay with their gran. The village is boring after the big city, but Emily's problems really start when she discovers that another Emily Smith lives in Brilby. They get off to a bad start and beco... (more)
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Max Lucado
An encouraging message for children: When you feel like you're the smallest of smalls, Jesus' love can make you feel like the tallest of talls. An encouraging message for children: When you feel like you’re the smallest of smalls, Jesus’ love can make you feel like the tallest of talls. A deli... (more)