More information on Scattered Servants
Alan Scott
For believers who love where they live and want to see transformation happen beyond the church building, Scattered Servants practically explains how to unleash the church and bring life to broken cities. Alan Scott, a leader in the Vineyard Movement, draws upon his years of experience to share ins... (more)
More information on In His Own Words
Jerry Jenkins & Billy Graham
Celebrate the incredible life, wisdom, and legacy of Billy Graham. Filled with timeless inspiration and beloved stories from the life of America’s most celebrated evangelical leader, In His Own Words pays tribute to the life, lessons, and legacy of Billy Graham. Through his classic quotes, the Scrip... (more)
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More information on Eighteenth Century Christian Leaders
J C Ryle
C Ryle (1816-1900) was a faithful evangelical Christian, a prolific writer and bishop of Liverpool. His books Holiness and Practical religion have never been out of print. This present book was originally entitled The Christian leaders of the Last Century; or England 100 Years Ago (it was published... (more)
More information on Every Job A Parable
John Van Sloten
A farmer, a nurse and an astronaut walk into a church... They each bring with them their own exhaustions and exasperations, their own uncertainty about whether and how their work matters to God. Good news: all work matters to God, because all work reflects some aspect of the character of God. God cr... (more)
More information on Love Church
Tim Matthews
This book tells the story of the process of moving to Bournemouth to set up a new church from scratch, on the back of numerous similar failed attempts in London, and the bumpy and scary journey to success St Swithun's has travelled since. Tim demonstrates, through his story, how he has pushed throug... (more)
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More information on Dan Taylor (1738-1816), Baptist Leader and Pioneering Evangelical
Richard Pollard/ Peter Morden
Dan Taylor was a leading English eighteenth-century General Baptist minister and founder of the New Connexion of General Baptists—a revival movement. This book provides considerable new light on the theological thinking of this important evangelical figure. The major themes examined are Taylor’s spi... (more)
More information on The Isaac Factor - Bruce Atkinson
Bruce Wilkinson
I’d gone through a very testing time in my personal life when God spoke to me very clearly: “You passed the test, but you still aren’t ready for my greatest test...” Alarm bells rang and disaster scenarios fi lled my mind, before the Holy Spirit completed the sentence: “ greatest test: the te... (more)
More information on Being The Message - Andy Hawthorne, Carl Beech & Friends
Andy Hawthorne & Others
How do you attract the favour of God - so you can change the world? From humble beginnings on a council estate in Manchester UK, The Message Trust has become one of the fastest-growing youth mission organisations on the planet. Its combination of outreach to young people in schools, countercultur... (more)
More information on Grenfell Hope Stories From The Community
Gaby Doherty
Gaby and her husband Sean and their four children live in a flat across from Grenfell Tower, and Sean (a Church of England minister) was the first clergy person on the scene. This book stems from personal experience of the impact of the fire. It feat tures the testimony of and commentary on the comm... (more)
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More information on Ships Of Mercy
Don Stephens
Want to see God's word in action? This new edition of Mercy Ships' story shows how God's love can change nations You'll be amazed at the hearts of those showing God's kindness all across the globe The improbable but thrilling story of how a Colorado farm boy built a navy, how a decrepit ocean lin... (more)
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