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Paul Hathaway
Want to see what followed The Heavenly Man? Shandong follows the spread of the Gospel in the Chinese Province. You'll discover the fervent growth of Christianity in China This is the first of a series of up to 20 volumes focusing on the modern history of the church in China. The books will, for t... (more)
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Claire Musters
So often we hide our true selves from the world behind masks we have carefully constructed, but this is not how God created us to be . Through her own personal story Claire Musters shows how it is possible to take off these masks and live a freer and more authentic life. Church can be the best but a... (more)
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Kim Phuc Phan Thi
et out! Run! We must leave this place! They are going to destroy this whole place! Go, children, run first! Go now! These were the final shouts nine year-old Kim Phuc heard before her world dissolved into flames—before napalm bombs fell from the sky, burning away her clothing and searing deep into h... (more)
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Katie Davis Majors
Picking up where she left off in the best-selling book Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis Majors shares her ongoing experiences in Uganda as the adoptive mother to thirteen girls and describes how she's wrestled through the darkness of disappointment to find the answer to whether God truly is good. New ... (more)
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Katherine Welby Roberts
Life never turns out as we expected. But connecting honestly with the one we're really in can bring all sorts of consolation... I Thought There Would Be Cake explores - with the author's characteristic empathy and humour - some of the everyday issues we face, in order to help us think about how w... (more)
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Tim Grant
Packed with remarkable accounts of healings, miracles and salvation, this book tells how healing evangelist Tim Grant encountered Jesus in his early life and how he learned to walk by faith and bring Christ’s love to countless lives. As a teenager one church tried to keep him out as they felt he was... (more)
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Martin Charlesworth & Natalie Williams
Recent years have witnessed dramatic growth in churches across Britain finding ways to care for the poorest in their communities. Motivated by genuine concern, dedicated volunteers responded to the call to action and millions of pounds have been invested to support those most in need. However, the c... (more)
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Gwynneth Sunshine
Darkness to Destiny Previous Next Darkness to Destiny Gwynneth Sunshine £2.99–£9.99In Stock The true story of how Gwynneth Sunshine set out to reach the marginalized and drug addicts – then found herself trapped in the very same world.
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Dionne M Lamont
As the title suggests, the book delves into the definition of success, particularly public success, and how this secular definition is often so radically divergent from God’s concept of success, as depicted in the Bible. To counterbalance these two different definitions, I define the concept of stru... (more)
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Guvna B
Money is the key to happiness. Work hard, play hard. Look out for number one. Popular culture is full of phrases like these, telling us the best way to live, the right things to buy, the right body shape to have, the right people to hang out with. These messages are everywhere we look, 24 hours a da... (more)
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