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Don Stephens
Want to see God's word in action? This new edition of Mercy Ships' story shows how God's love can change nations You'll be amazed at the hearts of those showing God's kindness all across the globe The improbable but thrilling story of how a Colorado farm boy built a navy, how a decrepit ocean lin... (more)
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Arthur Howells
Brother Ramon was a much-loved writer and speaker who died in 2000 - a man who delighted in life and people, and who chose solitude to practise the presence of God. This first biography, written by his friend, has warmth and spiritual insight. It tells of his life's pilgrimage, his quest for holines... (more)
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David Frost
Most people know Billy Graham the preacher. Many know Billy Graham the author. In this remarkable book, Billy Graham reveals a personal side that few have seen before. For thirty years, Billy Graham and David Frost fascinated television audiences with their conversations about God, the Bible,... (more)
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More information on My Country Wept
Jessica Komanapalli
One man's amazing story of how God protected and provided for him in the midst of the Burundian civil war and brought him to a place of grace, forgiveness and restoration. Theodore Mbazumutima was forced to flee from his native Burundi when tensions between Hutus and Tutsis increased after the de... (more)
More information on Paul A Biography Hardback
Tom Wright
Regarded by many as the founder of Christianity, Paul of Tarsus is one of the most controversial figures in history. Tom Wright traces Paul's career from zealous persecutor of the fledgling church, through his journeys's as the world's greatest missionary theologian.
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Paul Hathaway
Want to see what followed The Heavenly Man? Shandong follows the spread of the Gospel in the Chinese Province. You'll discover the fervent growth of Christianity in China This is the first of a series of up to 20 volumes focusing on the modern history of the church in China. The books will, for t... (more)
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More information on Taking Off The Mask
Claire Musters
So often we hide our true selves from the world behind masks we have carefully constructed, but this is not how God created us to be . Through her own personal story Claire Musters shows how it is possible to take off these masks and live a freer and more authentic life. Church can be the best but a... (more)
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More information on Fire Road
Kim Phuc Phan Thi
et out! Run! We must leave this place! They are going to destroy this whole place! Go, children, run first! Go now! These were the final shouts nine year-old Kim Phuc heard before her world dissolved into flames—before napalm bombs fell from the sky, burning away her clothing and searing deep into h... (more)
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More information on Daring To Hope
Katie Davis Majors
Picking up where she left off in the best-selling book Kisses from Katie, Katie Davis Majors shares her ongoing experiences in Uganda as the adoptive mother to thirteen girls and describes how she's wrestled through the darkness of disappointment to find the answer to whether God truly is good. New ... (more)
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More information on 40 Stories of Hope How Faith Has Changed Prisoner's Lives
Catherine Butcher
his is a book about transformation, restoration and true freedom. Collated stories from prisoners and their family members, these 40 remarkable testimonies speak powerfully about the reality of encountering Jesus. Readers can explore how we all can find hope in Jesus, no matter who we are. Ideal for... (more)
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