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Charles R. Swindoll
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John Eldredge
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Francis Chan
More information on When Heaven Invades Earth Audio Book (Audio CD)
Bill Johnson
When Heaven Invades Earth is a powerful statement and testimony on the Kingdom of God. Theologically sound, well supported, and extremely well argued, this message provides a carefully constructed biblical foundation for the average Christian to live and walk in the miraculous, supernatural power of... (more)
More information on The Harvest Audio Book (CD)
T.D. Jakes
God's heart beats for lost and dying humanity. The Church, however, has a tremendous shortage of sold-out, unselfish Christians committed to the salvation and discipleship of the lost. This disillusioned generation hungers for lasting reality. Are we ready to offer them eternal hope in Jesus Chri... (more)
More information on Why? Because You Are Anointed Audio Book (CD)
T.D. Jakes
Like the eternal nature of ocean tides, the question, Why?, always comes back. There seem to be as many reasons to ask why as there are grains of sand on the beach. And yet, like the tide, God brings the answers and washed our questions away. Why do the righteous, who have committed their ... (more)
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The Word of Promise(TM) Inspiration for Today, Volume 2, is a two-CD set packaged in a designed swing tray jewel case. There are 40 three-minute devotions, equalling two hours of inspired listening time. The devotions include an excerpt from The Word of Promise(TM) New Testament Audio Bible, an insi... (more)