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Will Van Der Hart & Rob Waller
The Power of Belonging unpacks the universal longing to belong and the shame that keeps leaders from leading with authenticity, confidence, and hope. Do you struggle with feeling like an impostor in your own leadership? Do you carry a secret anxiety about being revealed as a fraud? We all long to belong, especially those in positions of leadership.
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More information on Good News The Youth Edition New
Developed using the ideas and feedback of young people through its production, this youth edition GNB features elements of journalling, as well as its own YouTube playlist with 30 videos to help further unpack and explore key themes and issues raised in the Bible.
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More information on Worship Gold CD 16 of Today's Favourite Worship Songs
Various Artists
n excellent selection of some of the best worship songs which are currently enriching the worldwide church. These studio produced tracks burst with imagination, always making sure the melody shines through. Includes Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here, Mighty To Save, Cornerstone, Our God and many more outstanding anthems.
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